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This just in from Lloyd Johnson, a Willow Springs veteran:

“I have been racing for 36 years now looking after my equipment myself all these years and you would think I would know everything by then. But then you happened to come by! The pointers you gave me about my tire pressure, suspension settings, etc were invaluable and allowed me to go much faster thru turn 1 and 9 without the usual chattering and other issues I had experienced prior. I would like to thank you and now I see why John Urlich has you around his team so much! Thanks again” ….. WSMC #43 Lloyd Johnson

The March WSMC race weekend was another good one. As you can see, Lloyd is happy. Michael went 1.5 seconds faster than he ever has after using the same PSI info that I gave Lloyd. Wendy and Tony did well. The Ninja Twins and both dogs are happy.

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