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For Nicky,

It was late afternoon while I drove to this track. The sun was low enough to cast large shadows on the stark jagged mountains changing them to Cathedrals of upheaval, erosion and time. Now the stars are winking at us just as they have and always will. How cool is it that anyone can be a World Champion and be a truly good person. We hold you in our thoughts by following our dreams as you follow yours. We share a dream and tomorrow I will ride again to celebrate our common bond.

Spring Bugs

When racing in the Spring you have to clean a lot of bugs off your race bikes and gear. Customer bikes too. The Iceman Ninja collects another #1 plate to go with the bugs.

I Practice What I Preach

I won the WERA West Lightweight SS race on Sunday. I always tell my LE and Coaching clients to work on their consistency. Here are my laps time from this race: 1.43.44, .43.42, 43.31, 43.27, 43.32. A max spread of .17 seconds with the biggest one lap difference of .11 second and a smallest difference just two hundreds of a second. With my Coaching help you can do this too. Starting at $50 per day.

Another One

WERA owner, Evelyne Clarke presenting me with the 2016 WERA West F Superstock number one plate.  My first WERA race was the ’86 24 Hours of Willow Springs.

Tires For Sale

$200 for this new set of track day tires for 250/300/320/390 bikes. Bridgestone RS10. 110 front/140 rear. You pay shipping or pick them up from me this weekend at ACS in garage 61.

“Every aspect of the ride is improved.”

Derek contacted me with a common handling problem, the stock set up was made worst by poor advice he got from various sources. I gave him some different clicker and pre-load settings to try. He liked the changes, so he sent me his shock for LE valving and a stronger spring with less pre-load. I think he liked it:

Due to late winter weather I just got out on the bike today riding my 50 mile test loop. Profound difference in feel of the bike was evident immediately. Every aspect of the ride is improved. I feel no need at present to mess with your baseline settings as I never felt any dread feeling of being at the brink of losing grip or any cornering vagueness at any time during today’s test and I pushed harder today than I ever have. The shock as delivered more than covers my riding ability whereas the stock shock did not. The bike is a much safer ride now. This was the best bike mod money I’ve ever spent. Thanks Ed – you are truly very skilled.

People often wonder how I can make the set up so good on the first try. LE’s suspension theory is more complete than most. Pre-load and spring rate are worked out with math and the clickers just reflect the shim stacks I build.

The messing with my baseline settings Derek is talking about come from this Blog Post:

How to Adjust your Suspension

If you do this before and after you send me your job, you will have a way to judge how complete the LE Theory is.

If you see Derek, you can ask him.

13 Forks

The Rich Oliver Mystery School has a lot of Yamaha TTR’s for training you how to ride better.  Rich is always getting more of them. Lindemann Engineering upgrades and maintains their suspension. LE friend Roland came over on Saturday to help, now I just have to put them back together.

Ladder Ninja

Had to trim this tree. My ladder is not tall enough to reach the low braches so I put it on a bike table you can’t see in the shade. Climbed up with my electric chain saw. As you can see, one of the branches moved my ladder. I enjoyed the view, thought about hollering till a neighbor came out but my inner Ninja said just loop the extension cord around a branch and climb down. #notbadforanoldman

Life time ladder score board:
Ed 3
Ladder 1
Tie 1

Still Need Your Mom

Got paid to ride a motorcycle at a track again this weekend, always a good way to spend a weekend.  I started to feel bad near the end of Saturday, turns out I forgot to eat, all day.  53 years old and I could still use my Mom to feed me.

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