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More Moving News

The owner of the car race team shop that LE is moving into decided to move his machine shop and race shop into a better and larger building. This will be better for me too but I don’t want to set up in the small shop for less than a month only to do it all again. Therefore I spent today rearranging my trailer at my storage location so I can do LE jobs in the trailer till I set up in the new shop. Jessica delivered her Ninja, it will be living at The Thermal Club and I’ll be coaching it’s new owner.

Tony’s Help

How do you load a lathe?  With the help of a 78 year old friend and an engine hoist.  Doing it in the rain gets you 10 extra points.

Third Load

It’s late but the third load is ready to go.  You can’t see them but the light blue boxes are full of shock springs.  Twelve to a box with their size and rate printed on the outside of the box.  If I crash you’ll be able to say my springs have sprung.

MotoAmerica Winner

I’ll bet you could have a blast racing these two Fischer MRX’s in the new MotoAmerica class.  One is already a race bike, the other is stock with zero miles.  There is another set of the light gold wheels and a new engine still in the box.  Also too many new parts to list.  $10,000 gets you everything or you can make an offer for one of them or any of the parts.  I’m moving the shop and it’s a lot easier to move money than bikes.

New Address

Please use my new address starting now:

Lindemann Engineering

79405 Hwy 111 Ste 9-270

La Quinta, CA  92253

This is a UPS Store, your stuff will be safe whatever day of the week it shows up.

Shop Load #2

This is the 2nd load of shop stuff on the way to storage. Tool box un-loading at Thermal. The next trailer load will be shop equipment and will unload at the new shop. I should be done with the move and ready for jobs in early Feb. My new shipping address will be on the site this week.

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