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Another 24 Hour, again

I’ll have to check my notes but I think this will be my 14th.  Last years winning TTR125 is back.  Time to wash it and Tony’s Ninja.  Reports to follow.  The race is at Willow’s Kart Track, Sept 9 & 10th with M1GP.  Stay tuned!

Pink Peanuts

Packing peanuts can be a hassle. Sometimes you need a place to hold them while building shipping boxes. Good thing Tiki was not around…

Francesc Perez

When you get a spot in the Roadracing World Wild Card KTM 390 Cup you get a race ready KTM 390, two sets of Dunlop spec tires, Sunoco spec race fuel and crash damage, all free. You take care of the rest including a pit set up and a mechanic. As you saw in an earlier post, the part about the mechanic was lost in translation. I got a call a week before this race. Any Crew Chief gig is hard work both mentally and physically. It only gets harder when there is a language barrier, the rider is young and has never seen the track or ridden the bike.

I rearranged my schedule, loaded my rig and drove to Utah Motorsports Campus for this MotoAmerica race weekend. I picked up the bike from KTM on Thursday afternoon, checked it over and gave it my Stage One Lindemann Engineering KTM 390 set up. I met my rider that evening.

On Friday in P1 we were 5th fastest, 2.15.428. A very good start but the clutch died doing a practice start on the cool down lap. After some checking KTM gave me a new bike and I moved the tires and other changes over.

Friday afternoon in Q1 the clutch started to die after 3 laps but I sent him back out because there was nothing else to do. He went a second faster than P1 and held onto 5th , 2.14.574. After some checking KTM gave me a new engine. A late night ensued.

On Saturday, I was up early to check the nights work. Sadly we crashed on the out lap but because I know how things work we got the bike out of impound, checked it over and sent him out to make sure it was not bent and so he could ride again before the race. I imposed a no crashing rule, just take it easy and check the bike out. Our time from Q1 was good for 10th, row 4 but with the long straight and the draft that might be better than the front row. You like how I spun that? When it came time to fix the damage my rider was handed a bucket of water and a brush, life lesson.

Race One: Weak launch, 8th at the end of lap 2, a 2.13.463, his best of the race and 7th at the end of lap 3, then 6th for two laps, then 5th on lap 6, then leading the 2nd group till the finish in 4th. Nice.

The clutch problems and some conflicting set up advice slowed the set up progress but now it was time for LE Stage Two.

In the warm up on Sunday we were second fastest with his best lap yet on the same tires since Q1, 2.13.994. New tires, a click to make two bumps smaller and wipe it down.

Race Two: Two Sighting laps to scuff the tires and check the bumps/clicker change. Someone dropped out of the race moving us up to 9th, row 3 inside. Start, this kids needs to go to a drag strip but he made some moves on the rest of the lap and crossed the line in 9th. This race was more spread out than yesterdays. We climbed the ladder while only two leaders broke away. Lap 6 was his best when we moved into 4th with a 2.12.480. You can’t see the track from the pit wall so someone will have to tell me about the last lap pass that put us on the box because he had a nice lead when he came into view in the last turn. I stopped him on pit road, told him: Third. Good job. Enjoy this. Go to the Podium. And we did.

Crew Chief Gig

The phone rings: “Hey man, can you Crew Chief for a Roadracing World Wild Card KTM Cup rider next weekend at Moto America Miller?” These magazine deals have a way of comming together like this. A little schedule adjustment and I’ll be working with Francesc Perez. Stay tuned.

Get Paid

35 years of racing and it’s still nice to get paid for doing it. My first race check was also from WERA and yes I did think about framing it rather than cashing it.

As a sponsor of the Lucas Oil WERA West, Best of the West Lightweight Twins Superbike Challenge I felt it was my duty to enter the race and as the Roadracing World Project SV 650 lives in my shop, well it just seemed the right thing to do.

The race was held at Willow, the weather was good, the friends were better and story material just fell into my lap. Part 3 of the SV Project is at the printer now, Part 4 is in the can, this race will be in Part 5. It will be worth the wait.

Race Sponsors: Twin Works Factory, GP Motorcycles, LE Suspension

Pi Milage

My ’97 RV is based on a Ford E-350 with a V-10 engine.  I missed my chance to get a photo of the mileage showing Pi.

Different Densities

It’s a good thing that water and solvent don’t mix. I have a really cool distilling solvent tank. It separates oil from the solvent with heat, leaving clean solvent. This solvent cost a lot but lasts a long time and there’s no expensive weekly service fee.

I let some water based solvent get into my system and it turned into a thick gooey mess. I was worried that I had ruined 20 gallons of $37 per gallon special solvent.

But solvent is less dense than water so it floats on top of water. I manhandled the system onto my motorcycle lift so I could raise it high enough to make siphoning easy. Then I tilted it so one corner would be the low point. Let it settle. Then siphoned the gooey mess out from under the solvent.

While I’m at it I’ll clean everything and mop the floor. All’s well that ends well. Thank you to Howard at CT-Industries for the advice and sympathy.  Howard has the $37 solvent, the other place wants $75.

With science and hard work you can fix any problem.

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