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Crew Chief & Calendar

Where & When I’ll be:

July 21-22, Fri-Sat, Fastrack @ ACS, WERA Tech.

July 23, Sun, WERA West @ ACS, Crew Chief, Tech, Race.

Sept 8, Fri, 2WTD @ CVR, Suspension Vendor.

Sept 9 & 10, Sat-Sun, M1GP 24 Hours @ Willow Kart Track, Race.

Sept 23-24, Sat-Sun, WERA West @ Vegas, Crew Chief, Tech, Race.

Oct 6, Fri, 2WTD @ CVR, Suspension Vendor.

Oct 20-22, Fri-Sun, AFM @ Buttonwillow, I have 1 client looking to share coaching.

Nov 18-19, Sat-Sun, 2WTD @ Willow, Suspension Vendor.

Dec 8, Fri, 2WTD @ CVR, Suspension Vendor.

Crew Chief & Coach

$50 Per Day:

The rider coaching market is saturated and my schedule makes it hard for me to be available for full private days. Further, it’s easy to overload a student with too many new skill sets for just one day. Therefore, I’m now offering Coaching and Crew Chief help for $50 per day. This rate applies to events I’m already scheduled to be at. The idea is that we spend some time together in the morning where I give you a manageable number of skill sets to work on. We get together throughout the day to keep you focused. You continue working to master these skill sets at future events and when you feel ready for the next step we do another $50 day. Each rider is at a different level, therefore the best first step is for you to call me, 909 838 – 4587.

Or you can still hire me for a full day of Coaching and Crew Chief work:

As your Crew Chief, Sorbo will help you with your bikes set up.  Starting with fitting the bike to you, then everything else, from suspension to gearing, from tire pressure to slipper clutch adjustment and everything in between. Sorbo and clients do a briefing after each ride to improve the bike and the rider. The emphasis is on teaching you the what and the how so you understand the bike, what it is doing and what it needs from you.

As your Riding Coach, Sorbo will ride with you, observing and demonstrating proper techniques and lines. In the pits, Sorbo will work with you to improve your riding with the emphasis on developing your own method of noticing, remembering and recording what you and your bike are doing on the track.

Generally, a day will start with crew chief work, and then move to coaching. Some clients will need more of one or the other. Again the emphasis will be on what you need, not a set schedule or curriculum. Says Sorbo, “I find that my experience makes me notice a rider’s weakness at first glance. I developed this skill from all that racing I have done, and for sure my MSF training helped. I don’t see any point in covering skills that you have already mastered. I want to pick out the few things you don’t know about or are having trouble with and fix them – right now.”

Sorbo started racing in ‘82, won his first race and just kept on racing. Along the way he has raced 77 different bikes on 54 different tracks. He holds five club Overall Championships – that alone makes him an Ace. He moved from Hawaii in ‘98 to live in an RV and make a living as an AMA Privateer riding Yamaha TZ250 GP machines. After six years, one podium finish and a best overall of 5th he became a full time crew chief for Chris Ulrich and others. He still races and has spent the rest of his time since 2011 as the owner of Lindemann Engineering.

So he’s fast, understands suspension and can set up a bike. Can he teach?

“Both my parents are teachers, I’ve always been a teacher first and a shop owner or race club owner or suspension tuner second,” Sorbo says. “I started my first track day/riding school in 1987. I’ve always known that the best way to keep a customer is to teach them.”

As a suspension vendor at numerous track days adjusting clickers and giving a little riding advice I help my clients drop an average of four seconds per lap and I make their tires last longer. With a full day I can help you go faster with less risk, more fun and less effort. With a full day I can help you make your bike faster with less wear and tear on it and your tires.

The cost is $750 per day for one client, $1000 per day for two to four clients at the track day or race of your choice, and at the Southern California track of your choice.  Got one, two or three riding friends?  Split the cost. $500, $333 or $250 each is a steal and I can keep all of you on your toes.  Beyond Willow Springs, Streets of Willow, Buttonwillow Raceway Park, Auto Club Speedway or CVR, travel expenses will apply.

Pick an event you like and shoot me an e-mail to make a reservation. Check out the Calendar page to see if others are looking to share an event.