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The definition of the word “safe” is the absence of risk. Motorcycle racing, like most human endeavors will never be safe.

Using the word safe or it’s divertive when talking about racing activities falsely implies that racing can be made safe.

The risk of racing can be managed. The risk level can be made acceptable. But all the risk can never be removed. This is true for motorcycling and most other human endeavors.

It’s bad enough when you fool yourself with the misuses of words. However this misuses next leads to extra work for me when useless rules are added to make things safer or because “it’s safety.”

Something bad happens once and efforts are made to keep it from happening again. When these efforts are in the category of increased run off room no harm is done. When a new material is banned because of a poor design or more safety wire is required because someone left a header nut loose time and effort is being wasted doing something pointless. Work that could have been spent reducing risk.

Racing is difficult. It should be. That is why we do it. Some of the challenge is inherent. Some of the challenge is imposed by us on the rookies as a test to be sure they won’t increase our risk level too much. If you can’t obey the speed limit in the pits how do we know you will follow the rules on the track?

Then there is the Chicken Shit. In case you missed my point: Misusing words can lead to misusing rule books.