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Lindemann Engineering Offers Free Suspension Setup To Every Racer Entered in Wild West Shootout At Willow Springs

You read it right.

Lindemann Engineering is supporting the Motoyard/Dunlop/Nexx-USA Wild West Shootout at Willow Springs International Raceway by offering free suspension setup assistance to every racer entered.

The Dunlop spec tire event scheduled for Aug. 11-12 will include 14 races, and Lindemann will provide setup assistance to any racer who comes by the Roadracing World garage on Saturday and Sunday. There is no obligation to purchase anything, no contract, no fee and no requirement to run Lindemann Engineering stickers on your racebike.

“Free means free,” says Ed Sorbo, owner of Lindemann Engineering. “I’m confident that racers will be so pleased with the handling of their bikes that they will become Lindemann Engineering customers for the rest of their racing careers.”

For more information, contact Sorbo at Lindemann Engineering at (909) 838-4587, or at ed@le-suspension.com .