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In the case of Scott and his Suzuki Boulevard he sends the forks to Lindemann Engineering for a few changes.

First I replaced the stock non adjustable internals with cartridge assembles from another bike. Because adding compression adjusters to these forks would be near impossible I modified the cartridges to have the compression damping in the left fork and rebound damping in the right fork.

Spring rate and spring/spacer size took a bit of work but in the end, I was able to use a common spring size.

To make it all look cool we had the outer tubes, the feet and the new caps that fit inside stock cap anodized black. The compression adjuster is blue and the rebound adjuster is red.

Now Scott has the correct springs for his weight with pre-load adjusters. He also has custom valving with compression and rebound adjusters.

Forks that look good and feel good because Suspension is not, just a word.