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“Hello Ed,

Go ahead and reach over your shoulder and give yourself a pat on the back.  The rebuilt shock now sprung properly works like a dream.  Jaw dropping and truly awesome.  My GS went from baby buggy to guided missile. I put the bike through all its paces, drove it hard and fast and performance is truly enhanced.  Gone is the springy all over-the-place ride now replaced with a sharp, firm and decisive ride.  I now can break hard in the turns without the rear wheel moving sideways.  It’s now planted and the bike goes exactly where and when I want it to.  What I thought was too much clearance above ground causing a poor ride was all suspension.  The bike now steers with the hips, and follows my inside knee.  I can lean over confidently and find myself in a taller gear moving faster and still with plenty of comfort.  Job well done!  Many thanks.  I also like the color of the aftermarket spring. I am 100% satisfied.”

I rebuilt Martin’s BMW GS rear shock and gave it a stronger spring.  I think he’s happy.  I think I may have to turn From Baby Buggy to Guided Missile into a slogan.