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Today, I rode the Fischer MRX at Willow Springs in a MotoYard track day. I used it as my Lead/Follow bike with an EDventure Racing client. I rode 3 times for 7 laps each with a best lap of 1.42.82, the weather was hot and windy. Standard Willow weather. I need to drop 10 seconds for a good race time. Tires will help, I had a 2 year old take off slick on the front and a wasted take off DOT on the rear. They are what I had sitting around the shop… Tomorrow I’ll mount good tires.

Problems include: The bike is sprung for the owner who weights a lot more then me, I ran a full tank. Mid range jetting was rich, fixed tonight. Tach needle was jumping around because of a poor ground, fixed tonight. I had the forks all the way down in the claps for more trail but the bike needed more weight on the front so I set the fork height to stock.

Cool stuff: People like to look at this bike. It does not have a steering damper but does not wobble. All the changes I made did what I expected them to do. No new scratches. The first scratch happened at my shop. I got all the small stuff like shift lever height and throttle play adjusted just so.

Today I also re-valved a shock and re-build another. As well as doing a few small jobs on the Ninja 250 I’m racing on Sunday.

It was a good day.