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I had 2 used and 1 damaged head for my ‘90 TZ 250 that you may recall I’m restoring while Tony races it. If you don’t recall just scroll back and check out the posts about this project.

I sent the heads off to Roland Cushway to be re-cut and could not resists posting this photo of them. I wish I had before photo’s. Roland and I think alike, we like to sleep in and work late, we like our stuff to be clean and we are not afraid to share knowledge.

If you have talked to me you were probably surprised by how much information I give out in my answers to your questions. Most people want to keep info to themselves thinking that knowledge will give them power of some sort. This is true but only in the sense of slicing the pie into smaller pieces, Roland and I want to bake a larger cake. I find that when I give you knowledge you become a better client better able to maximize the changes I make to your suspension. With a better understanding of what your suspension is doing you ride better and make my work look even better. Call it a “multiplier effect.” I find that you are less likely to take my knowledge, start a suspension business to put me out of business and more likely to be happy with my work, send me more work from your other bikes and tell your friends about me.

Anyway, these heads will soon leave for England along with the rest of the parts and the TZ to live with Russell, it’s new owner.