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In the early 80’s Kawasaki found a way to take away all damping in the forks on the 600 & 900 Ninjas while at the same time making the brakes feel mushy.

Damper Rod forks work just fine but if you give them super wimpy fork springs plus a system to add air pressure to help the springs you get a weak front end with extra stickthion.

If you make the compression holes way too big then add a brake pressure controlled valve to give extra comp damping when braking you add lack of damping to the weak front end as well as poor brakes.

But not these forks! These 900 Ninja forks no longer have any of that extra junk. Now they are strong, well damped weigh less and the brakes will have much better feel.

$300 to rebuild & re-valve your damper rod forks. Plus a little extra to undo good intentions.

900 Ninja