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Tony is 70 years old, he raced back in the day and came back to it because he could rent a 250 Ninja from RaceBikeRentals.com. He’s starting over again in the novice class and he wants to win.

Plan A was to get another Ninja and build the engine, this is allowed in the novice class. Plan B was my idea, I said a 250 Ninja with a factory/kit/cheatasmuchasyoucan engine would still be a 250 Ninja, nice bike and all but not much power. I offered Tony a TZ 250. Not just any TZ 250 mind you, my first TZ ever. She lived with a few others after me but she’s back now. Tony is financing the restoration and will test it tomorrow at Willow, if all goes well he’ll race it on Sunday in the new WSMC Novice 250 GP class.

By the way, it’s a 1990 TZ, 20 years old. Tony and the TZ together are 90 years old. They are at the track this weekend living, what are you doing?!

I’ll be here all weekend, stop by the Roadracing World garage and say hi. On Monday I’ll be at Streets of Willow, Hyper Cycle is having a track day, you could go and you can hire me for only $200.