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I had a good time this past weekend at Streets. Nine happy clients on Friday with MotoYard and some great racing on Saturday & Sunday with Moto West GP.

Some of you noticed that I do the Bowl and the Skid Pad different than most. I was on the Iceman 250 Ninja. My best lap was 1.31.89 on 3 weekend old Dunlop’s set at 19/19 psi hot.

The wide line I take on the Skid Pad lets me use full throttle much sooner than the tight/common line and it helps me miss most of the bumps. But the real advantage is the speed I can carry onto the Skid Pad because I don’t need to slow down till later.

In this photo I’m pinned in 3rd just below red line while 611X is already braking for the Skid Pad. This is the same line I use on my 600 and every other bike I’ve ridden/raced here.

The question for you is, are you as smart as Stephen Lin? Lin could see that what I was doing worked but at first glance it just looked like I ran wide. The smart part? He asked me what I was doing just like Andrew did the day before.

Andrew saw my lines on Saturday in the endurance race and put them to good use on Sunday setting a new personal best.

If you look up you can see the Sun moving across the sky but that is not what is really happening. Now apply this lesson to your riding.

Photo’s by http://motorbikeroadracing.blogspot.com/