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In honor of our friend and fellow racer Kenny Anderson:

Rider, Alan Cunningham sponsored a team called “Iceman Racing.” Named for Kenny “Iceman” Anderson. Race number 12, just like Kenny.

Race Dad, Eric Anderson was lead photographer and Crew Chief.

Riders, John & Amanda Erickson supplied the bike. RM-85.

Rider, me did some prep work on the bike.

Rider, Danielle Diaz won the sock battle and brought her Pit Dad.

Ringer Rider, Derek Keyes needed to warm up for the Suzuka 8 Hour, we were happy to help.


Pit Dad, Peter is experienced and calm.

Alan’s wife, Beth brought great pit board encouragement.

Kenny’s brother, David brought his mellow vibe.

The race was an 8 Hour put on by M1GP at Grange.

A little practice on Friday:

Turn 87 is left? Gearing, check. Gas mileage, check. Tires, check. O-Ring chain, check. Suspension clickers, clicked.

Race Day:

Our strategy is to have a good time winning our class and overall.

With a great start we took the early lead. A little later we let others shine too. Back in the lead around the 1.5 hour mark and by then we were tired of sharing so we switched over to domination mode. Not to say that we were perfect, we did jump off 6 times… Our rider plan and the adjustments we made as the race went on were good. Our pit stops were just right. We rode to the strengths of our bike and worked around it’s limitations. We learned new skills and refined old skills.


Fast lap of the race. First in class. First overall. New friends.

The really neat part?

We won with a 12 lap lead.

Team Anderson!

Photo Bombed by Derek’s daughter, Carolynn.