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Streets bowl backwards pass

MG has another good post up over at http://motorbikeroadracing.blogspot.com/p/words.html. Time for a little explaining about self adjusting suspension:

Suspension speed is how fast the forks and shock move up and down. A corner first compresses the suspension slowly, then lets it rebounds slowly. Hard braking compresses it at a medium speed. Bumps move it fast. This has little to do with bike speed.

The clickers on most forks and shocks adjust the low speed part of the damping. Some have a high speed compression adjuster.

Until there is enough force in the oil to open the shim stack all the oil goes through a bleed that can be adjusted by moving something to change the size of the hole. A high speed adjuster works by preloading a shim stack different amounts. The shim stack uses flexible shims of different thickness and diameters to control oil flow at all speeds.

Moving the low speed adjuster does next to nothing for bumps because the oil is moving too fast to use the bleed passage. It does effect where you are in the suspension’s travel and that can help with bumps. Pre loading the shim stack makes the low speed part of the stack stronger or weaker and mostly effects how it feels in corners.

So you have a passive system that self adjusts for the different loads and speeds. Now add a system to adjust the low speed part of this while you ride.
You are still stuck with the spring rate and damping curve they think will work for the most people. My work is secure. This system will make the bike handle better for believers because they will coast less.

As to ABS, I’m really happy the driver behind me has it. I race because it’s difficult and getting into turns is the most difficult part. I don’t care if the rule allow you to have ABS, I will beat you or not beat you without ABS. Don’t turn my racing into a video game.