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My ‘90 TZ 250 was first owned by Stuart H. While Stuart owned it Dale F. and Bruce L. also raced it in AMA 250 GP. I bought it and raced it in Hawaii for a few years then sold it to Jupiter K. who also raced it in Hawaii. Jup sold it to Sean W. who raced it in Hawaii then took it to New Hampshire where it sat in his shop. I bought it back from Sean so it could sit in my shop till Tony S. put up the money to bring it back to life so he could race it for two years at Willow Springs.

Then I bought Lindemann Engineering. Russell L. of England bought a ‘89 TZ 250 that had LE work. Russell sent me a photo of the bike and asked for new stickers. I sent the stickers and a photo of my ‘90. This lead to Russell buying my bike.

When Russell contacted the first owner of the ‘89, Hasty Racing, they sent him old photo’s and video of it racing with the AMA. In this video Russell found our old bike with Dale racing it.

Small world. Enjoy our bike Russell!