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There are a lot of correct ways to go around any corner. You can start braking at any number of points, you can let off the brake at any number of points. You can start your turn here, here or there. You can apex over there or round about here or even somewhere near that spot. The variations are as wide as the number of corners, times the number of different bikes, times the number of different riders multiplied by their skill level squared.

You can break this all down to the simple MSF catch phrase, Slow, Look, Lean, Roll. This applies to all corners, all bikes and all skill levels.

When done correctly there is one throttle cycle. Closed on the way in. Open on the way out.

If your plan is to slow down, get on the gas, slow down again, then get back on the gas you are doing it wrong. This is more work. It’s harder to do. It’s slower. It asks more of the tires and suspension.

Funny reasons for doing it wrong are just arguments for your own limitations.