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I worked for the AMA at Road America last weekend and the racing was great!
On Monday after hanging out for a few hours with the gang from Sportbike Track Time I started driving to a new track in Canada called ICAR.
ICAR is part of an airport in Montreal, it’s a cement track and there are some bumps but the lay out is fun and the wall’s aren’t to close, the traction is great. I rode my CBR 600 F1 in a track day on Wednesday and I’m racing in the Honda CBR125 Challenge.
I’m also working for the Parts Canada Superbike Championship, I’m in charge of paddock parking so you know the rigs are all lined up nice and the rental cars have been kicked out. I’m also working in tech, I‘ll be using my Mega Max/CMS as part of tech to make sure no one is bending the rules or their frame.
The Honda CBR125 Challenge is for novices only. As a pro guests rider I’m not allowed to finish on the box but I’m only 5th fastest right now so this may not be a problem. I’m working with the kids doing classroom stuff, track walks, lead/follow and practice starts. The riding is tough because it’s hard for me to hang off enough with the stock pegs. But I love all the thinking involved trying to keep my speed up and make up for the 60 extra pounds that I have over the kids.