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This was my first TZ. It’s a ‘90 model, the last year of the parallel twins, the carbs are in front of the engine with the pipes exiting out the back. It’s small, light and has a very narrow power band. And that’s compared to other TZ’s!

I bought it from Bruce Lind in 1993 and raced it in Hawaii. It’s first owner was Stewart Hutchins. Dale Franklin rode in AMA events in 1990 but crashed hard at Westwood in Vancouver BC in late 1990 (ending his racing) and the bike was not raced in 1991. Shawn McDonald paid to have the bike repaired and Lind raced it in selected AMA and local events in 1992. I sold it to Jupiter K. in Hawaii and he sold it to Sean Wray who took it to New Hampshire. There is sat until I traded some 2000 TZ cases to Wray just so I could keep it from rotting away.

It’s been sitting in my race shop waiting it’s chance and that chance has come. Tony S. wants something with a little more zip than his 250 Ninja and boy is he going to get it. The plan is to get it running again and if all goes well we will make it fast and pretty.

Don’t let this picture fool you, this bike has had a tough life and does not look as good in life as on this blog.

Stay tuned for “As the TZ turns.”