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1 rider showed up so late he could not ride, but he did crew.
1 rider crashed 1 time.
1 rider crashed 6 times.
One rider got sick and could not do his last stint.
We got 3 wrong front brake levers.
The intake manifold broke.
The clutch cable came loose.
We ran out of gas once.
We got a 5 lap penalty for speeding in the pits.
We started the race with the same tire that did the 24 hour last year + a bunch of sprint races and other riding in the year since.
The outside of the exhaust valve spring retainer wore away so that the larger spring was just flopping around leaving only the inner spring to hold the exhaust valve up.
The exhaust valve touched the piston a few times.

We won our class and finished 2nd overall.

In order to finish first, first you must finish.