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Guy and his bike were back today. This time for an exhaust system and Factory Pro jet kit install.

One of the things I like doing the most is teaching people how to take care of their own bikes. What better way than to let you work on your own bike?
Guy brought his bike and we worked on it together. Now he knows how his jet kit works and can make adjustments at the track himself.
A few days ago Guy’s bike fell over and cracked the left engine cover. We noticed the oil leak today. We removed the cover and I welded the crack.
All WSMC 250 Ninja racers are here by warned. Guy’s bike is faster and lighter. Guy is ready. Are you ready?
In the top photo you can see Guy’s Ninja on the bike table. The white counter on the left is my clean work space. The black table is steel and used for dirty work like engine work and making stuff. Under the table you can see my blue TIG welder. On the top shelf you can see all five of my number one plates and my number two plate, all earned racing in Hawaii. The 2 plate on the far left is the number plate that was on my ‘90 GSX-R750, a bike that I never crashed. The plaque is from a 250 GP race at Mosport Canada, 1st place and a new track, class record that still stands. It was my own record that I broke. The glass bowl in the middle is for my 3rd place at the Road Atlanta 2003 AMA 250 GP race. My red tool box is to the right of Guy’s bike and Tony’s Ninja is on the right edge waiting for next weekends race. My lathe is hidden behind Guy’s bike.
The second photo is the right side of the shop, storage.