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If you have two Fischer MRX motorcycle you have to have both in the picture.

I picked up the A bike from www.catalystracingcomposites.com today after they used it to make race body work. Then I dropped by www.mcprodesign.com to pick up the first set of painted body work. If you want a set contact MC Pro, Chad will get the body work from Mike at Catalyst, paint it and ship it to you. I recommend you have Catalyst install duze fasteners for you, they do nice work and it saves you time and mess.

The plan is to do all the work on the A bike first working out the bugs. Then build the B bike using the lessons learned. This will let me borrow parts from the B bike for development with out keeping the A bike off the track. If all goes well I’ll ride it at Willow Springs over the June 19th weekend.

You can find us at the Roadracing World garage.