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Last Friday at Buttonwillow I installed a re-valved stock R-6 shock on a 2011 R-6 and sent two different riders out to test it. They both loved it.

As you know the R-6 comes with forks and shock that are adjustable for high and low speed compression and low speed rebound. The problem is that the high speed adjuster makes almost no difference. I can fix that. With Lindemann Engineering valving the high speed adjuster works.

Why spend lots of dollars to replace your fork cartridges with after market kits that are adjustable only for low speed damping and your shock with an aftermarket shock that is also only adjustable for low speed damping? A Lindemann Engineering fork re-valve costs $560 and a shock re-valve costs $400 including springs for your weight. That’s less for both ends than the cost of a good aftermarket shock.