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2500,000 photo, lost 🙁
On Thursday June 18th just west of Kingman, AZ my 1997 Ford Tioga turned over 250,000 miles. I was doing 74 mph when I took the picture with my cell phone so you can see all of the zero’s. I normally cruise between 65 and 70 mph.

It’s an E-350 with the V-10 engine and it still gets 9 mpg pulling a loaded 16 foot trailer. I’m amassed at how well it’s lasting, it has never leaked any fluids. I have replaced the plugs twice because the book says to replace them every 100,000 miles and I change the oil every 4,000 miles. I have replaced the torque converter and the gears in the rear end because my trailer is way heaver than the rated towing load. I have replaced the front brake rotors and the shocks. Other than that I’ve had no problems and expect it to be going strong at 500,000 miles. Maybe I can get a million miles out of it…