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Yesterday I had a gig installing phone/internet cable in a house, or should I say under a house. I got to crawl/slither around on my belly for about five hours in the dirt sometimes digging out a space so I could wiggle under a joist. By the time the job was done I was as dirty as I’ve ever been and I got paid.

I’m posting about this because of the cool thank you letter I got from the Network Engineer on this project. Turns out I do good work on all my gigs.

This is the letter:


Thanks for the invoice.

The care and attention to detail you demonstrated together with your spot-on suggestions in the interests of efficient production made a huge difference in the ultimate success of the operation today. Please consider this a letter of commendation for outstanding job performance under very difficult work conditions.

The attached maps of the cable layout are for your records. You may be interested to know that you pulled a total of 412 feet of cable today.

Thanks again for your help with today’s project.

Network Engineer
Project 3797