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My base rate is $200 per work day and $100 per travel day plus expenses. Expenses included travel, entry fees, bike tires and gas, etc. Pick a track and date and I will give you a price.

Local pricing for one day of coaching and crew chief at a track day, crew chief fee and travel:

Auto Club Speedway a.k.a California Speedway a.k.a. Fontana, $220 plus entry fee.
Willow Springs and Streets of Willow, $280 plus entry fee.
Buttonwillow, $360 plus entry fee.

Add $100 per extra person to a maximum of 4 people. If you add extra people you can share the cost but you will each get less time with me.

Entry fee is the cost of getting in the gate and into the track day so I can ride with you. If you don’t want me to ride you can save this fee and I can do more work on your bike. My tire bill will depend on how much lead/follow we do and how fast you are.

Other deals:

The cost for shop work from case packing and porting to geometry adjustments and full race prep is on a case by case basis. You can send me parts or the whole bike, or I can pick up and deliver.

All prices are subject to change.