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For immediate release:
Date: April 1st, 2010
Location: Secret Track

At a secret test track near EDventure Racing‘s World Headquarters, Jeremy Burgess and Valentino Rossi are taking a break from a full day of rider coaching and crew chief work with Edventure Racing’s Ed Sorbo. This impromptu break came about when a surprise delivery of pie showed up from members of the WERA BBS. “When I find out who told them where my Secret Test Track is I’ll make Mongo eat Cake!” Said Sorbo. “This Pi is good,” said Jerry. “Please sir, may I have some more,” said Val.

On a serious note, Sorbo reports that the day’s test schedule is going well after a few small hurdles early on. “Jerry had his screw drivers in the wrong drawer and he says ’spanners‘ instead of wrenches. Val likes to sleep in and keeps mumbling things about a bunch of World Championships when I tell him to do anything differently.” Still, Sorbo predicts continued increased for Val and Jerry. “Jerry and Val have done OK so far. But they realized that they needed my help in order to truly succeed,” said Sorbo.

About Jerry and Val: If you don’t know, you need a subscription to Roadracing World.

About EDventure Racing: Ed Sorbo provides Coaching and Crew Chief services to racers and track day riders. More info at edsorbo.blogspot.com