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Why does Penske need two weeks to build your shock?

They don’t, it really only takes a few hours to build a shock but we say two weeks to give time to get all the parts together and to get in line behind the other pending orders.

So the real question is, why does Penske build your shock to order instead of building them on an assembly line?

Building your shock to order allows Penske to start with the correct spring rate for your weight. Spring rate determines how strong your rebound valving needs to be. A stronger springs needs more rebound valving to control it. On the compression side, the valving works with the spring rather than controlling it so a standard valve stack can be developed for different levels of riding.

I call Penske’s standard compression valve stack a “Street” stack as most Penske’s are used on street bikes. You can also have a LE “Track Day” or “Race” stack.

Your new Penske will be shipped direct to you and I will be your contact for questions, help or warranty.

The spring pre-load will be set at 10mm. The damping adjusters will be in the middle of their range, for example, 15 of 30 rebound clicks. This will give you a wide range of adjustment. Let me take this opportunity to encourage you to test your new Penske’s full range of adjustments so you understand what they do.