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Got the call from John at “Roadracing World” asking if this could be done in way too little time. Said yes, of course because Jay is a Gear Head Motorcyclist and Paris is involved with a Motorcycle Race Team. This stuff is good for all of us.

Chad at MC Pro Design did the paint over night and M-4 built and over nighted us a pipe. I put the bike together and made it to the show on time. We did not know how challenging the path onto the stage would be or how much riding experience Paris has. So I brought my gear and left the passenger pegs on the bike.

The path from the bright sunshine into the dark building, curving across the smooth floor, up the ramp and ending on carpet, would be a challenge for any novice rider. Paris rides a scooter, so with no clutch experience plus the weight and height of the bike it was decided that she should ride with me. I said, OK.

For the record, Paris may have a job that is different from most people but she is very nice, works hard, listens well and is a very good passenger. My option of her is nothing but positive.

We rode around in the lot a little and practiced getting on and off the bike in crazy heels. I have no idea how they walk in those things. After one practice run onto the stage it was make up time for the stars. I was surprised when the word came down for me to ride dressed as I was. My first thought was that no one on the WEAR BBS would be able to say “How do we know it was really you.”

I wished we could have left the bike on stage but I was not in a position to complain. You can see close ups of it on Paris’s FB page.

The wait till show time was much worse then waiting for a race but as soon as I got my cue I settled right down. The real run was way different then the practice run, with the audience jumping up to cheer, the loud music and the different lighting. I was distracted and had to work to stay focused. When I saw it on U-Tube today I was very happy to see that Paris felt comfortable enough to let go and wave. She was sitting on the tale, not a seat.

Just another day in my EDventure.