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Tony, Niccole, Andrew, Dennis & Wendy joined EDventure Racing at Streets of Willow this past weekend for the February round of WSMC racing.

The Streets course is just about as different from Big Willow as you can get so most of our efforts went into coaching. We worked hard on lines and techniques with lots of talking, drawing, hand gestures, watching others on track and track walks.

As you can see by this picture the 250 Ninja field has taken off, 25 bikes showed up this weekend with most racing in the Novice class. Small light bikes are by far the best way to start racing. They cost less to buy and operate. They give you a chance to learn with less penalty for mistakes and without extra power to help you go fast even when you ride poorly.

All of this weekends clients are in this picture and all were racing. They all got faster and learned much. Look for them to go faster next month back at Big Willow when they put their new skills to work on a track they know well.

You can join us too, 250 Ninja not required, I’ll work with any rider with any skill level on any bike and make both faster, better and stronger.