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Like many bikes in today’s economy the new Yamaha FZ-09 has some cost saving measures inside it’s forks. All the damping is done in the right fork. They did this by just leaving out the compression and rebound pistons from the left fork. Both forks have springs.

This photo shows the main parts of the cartridge from the right fork. From the left. Comp piston assembly. Cartridge body. Reb piston assy on cartridge rod. Spring. Cap with pre-load and damping adjuster.

This bike will get stronger springs for the rider’s weight. I’ll put all the compression and rebound valving in the right fork and leave the left as is. So 2x the valving in one fork much like how some forks have all the comp in one side and all the reb in the other. Total for a rebuild, re-valve and new springs is $560.

If you want I can add the missing parts to the left fork and divide the valving between the two forks like normal. If you want separate comp and reb adjusters, I can put all the comp in the left fork and all the rebound in the right fork. I’m not sure how much the extra parts will cost.

So, if you’ve been bumming about the cost of a kit to upgrade your new world forks, bum no more, LE is here.