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Miller: I raced a factory Superbike for a second time even after I learned at the first race how bad the team/bike were, so I understand that Miller has to take the chance when he gets it. If he does well next season it will be because he learns to calm down, not just after he gets what he wants but mostly when things are not going his way. The key thing he has to understand is the first thing every new parent learns overnight, it’s not only about you.

Rossi: Many of you and my friend MG over at http://motorbikeroadracing.blogspot.com/ said Rossi was washed up. What do you have to say now?

MM: One of the commentators for MotoGP.com told how MM delayed the start of a press confess on Saturday so he could see the end of a support race. Then when he saw the winner of the race in the press room he went over to shake his hand and congratulate him. The guy is fast and nice. He is so fast that when you take second to him you feel like you won. Truly, Yamaha is not being hurt this year taking 2nd and 3rd overall.

Fans: Ayrton Senna deliberately crashed into another driver at the start of a race taking them both out thereby guarantying that Senna would be world F1 champ that year. The fans loved him, no penalty was given. Until the paying fans stop hoping a hockey game will break out at the track, we will have riders who think it’s ok to win at any cost.