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If you have heard my track day riders meeting rhyme, you know that coasting is bad. When I get a question about ground clearance problems I always include advice about rolling on the throttle in turns. I always worry that people will feel like I’m being mean but it’s better to make sure now than to make a sale and not fix the problem. Here’s Mike’s great answer:

“Wow Ed Sorbo,
I met you at an OMRRA race 20 some odd years ago. You guys were racing a FZR600 with a Hawk GT swingarm.
I rode a beat up 600 hurricane to a win in the novice class. You guys added a couple clicks of rebound to my shock, as it was pogoing a bit thru 9.
Its not the opening throttle thing, I’m sure its way to soft for my fat ass however.

How cool is that! Team Hawaii raced at Portland with WERA a few times and like most racers we are always happy to help.