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– What I said in my excellent blog is that Rossi will never beat Marquez consistently. In the races where neither has crashed, Marc is ahead 13-1 this year. And Valentino took a gamble last weekend on a tire that he suspected wouldn’t go the distance, but it sure looked good for a while. Maybe Rossi is still getting counsel from the Ducati camp …
– Miller needs a therapist, not a MotoGP bike.
– Race Direction seems to be made up of entities of the Amphibiosion race – neither an internal or external skeleton.
– I too am disappointed at fans who think this is a contact sport. Most of what they see is pixels on a TV screen. I get to go to the funerals and talk to the grieving families when something goes wrong. My perception may be a bit different.
– And hey, Ed: Much earlier this year I suggested that Race Direction needed to put the smack-down on Miller, and you disagreed. To echo your question to me about Rossi, what do you say now?
Peace, yo!
Michael Gougis, 2014 Moto West Grand Prix FX Endurance Lightweight Champion