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 My friend/client MG, brought me his race bike the other day. The bike is an odd ball, MZ something-or-other with a single cylinder 500cc engine. Not the kind of bike I get excited about. In fact some, including MG, may have heard me make disparaging remarks about bikes like this.Anyway, MG can be a smart guy sometimes and he seams to have me all figured out. Along with his bike he brought some parts, a plan, a deadline and money. A few days later I received gifts and more money.

The job included replacing the stock wheels with a SV650 rear wheel and front end. For the rear I made new axle spacers and trapped them. I had to move the caliper so I put it under the axle for easy wheel changes. To do the front end I cut the SV steam to fit the MZ head bearings. Then I hacked the tab for the steering lock off with my power saw. I also made some nice adjustable steering stops and chucked the ‘70‘s era damper and replaced it with a cross mount from a GSXR, you can get them for about a dollar.

MG sounded a little worried when I told him how much fun it was to cut stuff off his bike.

A new throttle assembly solved all the problem with his old disaster throttle, along with new brakes and clip-ons. None of this stuff is “new,” by the way, it’s all used stuff from other race bikes or a junk yard near MG’s place of residence.

A job like this can be done many ways and MG’s genius was in letting me choose the way. Letting me exercise my artistic side is a great way to get me excited about a job. Just like you want the cook to be happy, you want the guy with the hack saw happy.

I like clean bikes. MG’s bikes are never “Ed” clean. I’ve washed this one four times so far. Tomorrow, when I’m out, I’m going to get some of the engine degreaser spray on stuff. It works, if you use a brush too.

The new rear sets were fun. Drilling holes in things is always fun. Woodcraft rear sets from a SV650. Cutting up the butchered wire harness was fun too. I reduced weight and routed it better. I also removed the on/off switch and have not told MG how to turn the bike on, yet.

Another smart move by MG, bring or sending me the needed stuff. Rather than using up my energy and adding to the money problem.

Tomorrow I’ll work on mounting the seat and body work. A job like this is never done and a few things like the placement of the pegs will be tested for the first time at the WERA Vegas race in a week and a half. Then I’ll make finale adjustments and only then can MG try the same tricks on a painter.

MG’s genius? Letting me do it my way. That, and the deadline.