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It was cold at ACS this past weekend but we still had 11 clients plus two bikes dropped off for shop work.

It’s official, Lindemann Engineering will be the Suspension Vendor at all Fastrack Riders events in 2013.

We are happy to be starting our 2nd year with MotoYard.com and will be at all their events this year.

MotoYard is branching out, they have added racing with Moto West GP at Willow Springs and LE will be there as well.

Track Tactics has 3 events this year at Buttonwillow and we will be there as well. Buttonwillow was mostly repaved early this year so now it a good time for your Buttonwillow adventure.

You may wonder how I can be in all these places at the same time, well even I can’t to that. Dave Price of Dave’s Suspension Adjusting, or whatever cool name he comes up with, will cover any conflicts. Dave started out as a EDventure Racing client, then became a LE customer with all his bikes and is now in training as a suspension tuner. I’m in training too, in this gig you never stop learning.