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Do you remember Liko Miles of Miles Ahead Racing? Liko did well with his new settings at the AFM race the week after our AMA race at Infineon. Here is what he had to say:

“Well, we knew that the real test of all the new information we learned from the AMA weekend at Infineon would be the AFM race the next weekend. For those who don’t know here is a quick recap: Ed helped me (Liko Miles) at the AMA round at Infineon as my crew chief and along with his experience and knowledge (as well as the new Mega Max machine) we made HUGE changes to my setup. This new set up was good enough for a top 20 finish in the Daytona Sportbike Race and a load of confidence going into my club race. Back on tires and fuel that I am comfortable with (AMA uses spec fuel and tires) I proceeded to set my fastest laps ever at Infineon (FYI last season I was on a 750) and get three second places in my races, narrowly losing out to Lenny Hale, who is a very fast boy! All of this was done on a stock shock and forks! (Revalved by Lindemann Engineering) Big thanks to Ed Sorbo, Jim Lindemann, David Hall and Bill Wickersham for helping elevate my game and I can’t wait for the next race! See you at the track!”

Liko’s next AFM race is at Thunder Hill. Look for him to have another great weekend.