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Erick sent me a photo of his tire. He was worried about how they looked. Sometimes the edge of the tire and the edge of the groves do funny things because the rubber folds over into space, away from the track. These wear patterns change with psi, tire wear and load. I explained this and Erick sent this nice thank you. The stickers he is talking about I use to make sag measurements easy, they peal off easy and don’t leave goo on your paint. And Erick, thank you for asking.

“Thank you so much for your reply! I had you adjust the suspension towards the end of the day at big willow and I never got to talk to you on what you did but for my first time out on that track my buddy had a hard time catching me when he was smoking me in the beginning of the day. I couldn’t have been more comfortable on my bike. Traction became better leaning lower was more confident all around a good day. I will see you at the next track days to come. I left your LE stickers on my bike. Have a good day!”