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Something in the transmission of the Iceman Ninja started going sad in turn 9 during the second practice on race day. After checking all the stuff I could fix at the track the hunt was on for another bike.

Ex Hawaii racer turned electric bike racer Jeremiah Johnson was hanging out and he had a Zero S that is legal in the Lindemann Engineering Ultra Lightweight class.

With the help of some friends we had the Zero ready to go. This is the 77th bike I’ve raced so far. It’s geared for kart tracks with a top speed of 87 mph. Changing the gearing requires removing the swing arm so I’ll go for the lead off the start then try to take it easy to keep the batteries and motor from getting too hot and cutting back the power.

That may have been the best start from the second row of all time! Five bikes on the grid and I was just gone. No clutch, no shifting just twist and go.

Two Ninja 300’s passed me on the run to T-8 on the first lap. 74 year old Tony Serra and the other E bike got me on the outside of T-8 on lap 3. It was fun to watch Tony go around me.

I got 5th and $50 cash.

Thanks Jeremiah! Check out his Hollywood Electrics shirt.