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No Japanese motorcycle manufacture has ever asked for special Moto GP rules. They win or lose on their merits and take pride in doing so. Ducati on the other hand asks for and gets special rules. We can argue forever about the merits of different rules to make the racing better, to get more bikes on the grid and so on. But in the premier world class? In a prototype class? This is not stick ball.

There are lots of good reasons for handicapped events of all kinds. When you play catch with your kid you don’t throw the ball as hard as you can. Fine. But what value does a front row start, a pole position, a podium finish or a win have if you can only get it because of special rules?

I feel best when I do my best. If that earns me a win, so much better. But I don’t race a 600 in the 250 Ninja class even though I’ll win for sure.

Suzuki did not ask for special rules, they regrouped and they will be back. They will get spanked but they will not ask for more fuel, softer tires or anything else. When they stand on the top step you will see in their faces, pride for a job well done, pride earned.

Better to take your lumps, then to take special treatment. It’s a good thing Ducati has a special customer base.


My friend MG over at  http://motorbikeroadracing.blogspot.com/ agrees with me on this.  Here is what he has to say:

I get what Dorna is doing in re: the Ducati Cup rules. They’re giving the company something to sell to the corporate owners, the bean-counters and the sponsors. Hey look, we got a front-row start! That keeps another factory from disappearing from the grid.
But you have to wonder about the knock-on effects; did a legit satellite team lose out on a front-row start or a podium because of the Ducati handicap? Who needs the sponsor money more, Ducati or Gresini?
I get that Ducati takes the road less traveled. But does that decision deserve special assistance if the road less traveled is less traveled by everyone else because IT’S FREAKING SLOWER????? THIS IS RACING, RIGHT! AUUUGGGHH! (Go watch some old Sam Kinison stand-up for the proper pronunciation of AUUUGGGHH!)
Just sayin’ …