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The next set of forks for Deus Ex Machina are about to start going back together. These are the outer tubes, and feet in black and part of the caps in red.

Mike Woolaway builds the bikes for Deus Ex, he is an artist, hence the cool colors. I like working with Mike because he tells me what kind of bike it will be, how much it weights, how much power it will have and a little about the rider. Then he lets me do my thing, he’s never in a rush. I know a little about what this bike will be but I can’t tell you…other than to say it will be worth the wait.

NASA sent a rover to Mars. You may have heard about it. The wheels on that rover, Curiosity, were anodized by the same company that did this work. Funny thing is they don’t do just any job. If you want some work done by them you can ask me and if you have what it takes I may pass your name to them. 😉