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I wear two hats at the PCSC races, pit parking and 125 coach. The pits at ICAR are small and the club racers who join us are use to parking any way they want. I set up the pits in nice rows with wide fire lanes. This requires that all the extra cars park outside the pits, in P-1 parking. Each day I have to chase all the extra cars out. Everyone has a reason why they should get to keep their car in their pit but I make all of them move because that is the only why to remain fair. The best parking story this weekend was the guy who left his car in front of his pit in the fire lane for about an hour. I saw the car when he first pulled in and hoped he was just dropping stuff off. When I checked back he was on track for his 20 minute practice. The keys were in the car so I moved it. I was walking back to his pit with a note and his keys when he rode back from practice. The funny part came after the races on Sunday when he came to tech with his beer as we were loading. His complaint started with “my car was only there for 3 seconds.”

In the Honda CBR125R Challenge we had 21 racers including me. A few of the new parents made a stink about having the coach in the race. This resulted in me starting from the last row in Saturdays race. Order was restored on Sunday and I started from my Q spot of 3rd in race two. I finished 4th in both races but I don’t count in the points so I’m listed last in the results.

Check out the Parts Canada Superbike Championship web site, click on the CBR125R Challenge Series button on the left and watch the on board video from my bike.

Next stop is AMA at Road America where I’ll do my best to give Elena a winning set up.