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The kid coaching has been going great! One of the three fastest kids came looking for me early today with a track map and three good questions. Because all the kids want to learn and all the parents are nice, it’s been a blast helping them. I spent all of practice today doing lead/follow.

In qualifying I blasted out of the pits first because I wanted to show them that they could go fast on the out lap and because I wanted to try and hang with the faster kids when they passed me, and they did. Karl Robitaille took pole with a 1.46.504 with Bodhi Edie just behind with a 1.46.764 followed closely by Steven Nickerson posting a 1.47.015. Ryan Roche and I had a good fight that he won with a time of 1.51.600. I took 5th with a 1.52.070. I’m looking forward to a good battle with Ryan tomorrow. After missing Thursdays practice Nicole Pilkington came on strong with a 1.59.341 taking 6th. Toni Nesbitt is clearly the most improved rider so far dropping 29 seconds since the first practice to take 7th with a time of 2.01.492. Leah Vignale turned in a 2.02.502 for 8th, look for Leah to improve tomorrow. We could have a great battle between the CBR125 women of ICAR. With a 2.02.652, Kim Young Jae could be our spoiler. Kim improved his time despite a slipping clutch and is now poised to make a great move from the 3rd row.

Tomorrow will be a barn burner!