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I’m driving to Willow Springs now, I left ICAR Sunday night after a day of great racing. The day started with a bummer, Toni crashed in practice after taking a few more seconds off her lap time and was unable to start the race. We missed her in the battle and look forward to watching her continue to improve in her next race.

The three fastest kids are about six seconds faster than me so my plan was to make a great start then see what I could do after that. From the second row I was 4th in turn one after the start and I held onto the leaders for most of lap one. A quick look behind told me that Ryan was not as good on the first lap as me but he was quickly making up ground. I don’t remember where he past me the first time but I know I got him back on the outside of turn 6, the inside and outside of turn 9/10 and the inside of turn one once. Every time I passed him he got me back, a number of times he drafted me out of turn 6 and out broke me into turn 7. At least twice I got next to Ryan on the outside of turn 6 and stayed just back of his right shoulder all the way into turn 7, he was right on the edge of the track braking and that left me on the paint which did not work out so well as a passing line. I had a run and the draft out of the last turn but came up 5 hundreds of a seconds short at the line.

My fastest lap was a 1.51.797 on lap four and the fast lap of the race and weekend was a 1.45.480 on lap five by Karl. Karl crashed out of the race and that’s a bummer but he crashed while going fast and he knows why he crashed so it was not a waste.

After making an adjustment, Kim’s clutch was better but still slipped a little so he was forced to take it easy on the start and ride for points. Despite his slipping clutch, he still turned in his best lap of the weekend.

I was busy with my battle so can’t report on the rest of the race other to say that they were all happy afterwards. Maybe they can post their race reports in my comment space, hint, hint.

1st Bodhi
2nd Steven
3rd Ryan
4th Ed
5th Nicole
6th Leah
7th Kim
8th Karl DNF
9th Toni DNS

You can use my link to find the PCSC web site and click on the CBR125 Challenge tab to see results and pictures from the weekend. There is a picture of us on the pre grid before the race that shows Nicole kicking me, clear evidence of how mean these kids are.