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You may have heard my rhyme in the riders meeting. This just in by e-mail from Tim, a friend of Dave.
What his prose lacks
in metre, and rhyme
won’t matter one bit
when you post faster times.

For a mere fifty dollars
a pittance I say
he’ll tweak your suspension
and help you all day.

He’ll twist all the clickers
and set the pre-load
adjust the rear shock
in crew chief mode.

He’ll advise, and coach you
that’s his bag
come back for debriefing
he’ll adjust the sag.

He’ll take out the wobble,
the chatter, and dip
the jinx, the jive
and all of the skip.

He moves with purpose
he’s fast as can be
Oh, and remember
the sarcasm’s free.

Ed, thanks for the help at Willow this last weekend. Whatever you did to Dave’s r6 worked. I checked it when we got back home, and it now registers 100% throttle. Who knows, all this hype about you being an F-ing genius may actually be true.
Thanks again, Tim

No Tim, Thank You!