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I raced Dennis’s Ninja, made a good start, lead for 2 laps and got to within 1.5 sec of the track class record after just 5 rides and took 2nd. Learned more about what the Ninja suspension needs and will use that knowledge to make Dennis’s bike and yours better.


Tony had a fun relaxing time and got some good footage of my lines. We did some lead/follow.


Jon’s R-6 damper sized unloading the bike from the trailer and could not be fixed at the track. One tank slapper that put him above the bars was enough to tell him racing without a damper would not work. Jon learns fast. He spend the rest of the day at home getting his SuperMoto bike ready and was back on Sunday for more racing.


One of Guy’s starter gear teeth broke off when he pushed the starter button on Saturday morning so I removed the gear and his brother Allen gave him a push before every ride. He’s not heavy, Allen, he’s your brother.


Tom had fun but his knee is holding him back. The surgery scars are cool and the chicks do gig them.


Niccole brought her SV over for some work on Saturday night. We also worked on her mind a bit she and her bike were improved on Sunday.


Dave rode his 11 year old R-6 poorly on Friday but we got past that problem. He rode well on Saturday. On Sunday he made a mistake with tire PSI in his 2nd race and still went faster. But his pass in the last turn of the last race of the weekend, F-40 Middleweight, for the win and setting a new class track record was the cap on a great weekend!