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I said I would be at all the MotoYard.com events this year. So when I was asked to cover a 3 day Fastrack Riders event at ACS I said I could do Fri & Sun but I would have to be at Willow on Saturday with MotoYard. That is what I did.

If you look at the two events from a cost/travel stand point, a 3 day event half an hour from home beats a 1 day event $100 from home every time. But…

doing what you said you would do is the only way to have integrity.

So I drove up and back. While at Willow I worked with 14 happy clients. I did not get a flat tire or any other problems and when I got back to ACS I found out that the Saturday event there was rained out.

Doing the right thing is always best and sometimes it even pays better.