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Spring Rate is the measurement of a springs strength.

Having the correct spring rate for the weight of you and your motorcycle is the foundation of good suspension. With weak springs the suspension will be too far down in it’s travel where it moves slow. You will most likely also have added too much pre-load on the weak spring so the bike jumps back up too fast after a bump.

There are three way I can fix this for you:

$110 for New Spring that my spring guy already makes. I have most of these in stock.

$175 for Custom Springs that my spring guy makes to order.

$75 if I shorten your spring to get a stronger rate.

A spring is just a piece of wire. If you shorten the wire it will take more load to bend it. Therefore, if I make a spring shorter it’s rate will increase.

This photo is of a set of stock ‘09 250 Ninja fork springs. The spring on the right shows the factory end. The spring on the left is the end that I cut.

Cutting springs is just a way to save you $35 and reduce my inventory requirements. If you don’t want cut springs, just let me know.