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Sean Wray was checking out my list of bikes I’ve raced, he noticed something missing and sent me this photo as proof. Seems I’ve raced so many bikes I can’t remember them all. My apologies Sean, and thank you for the picture. There is a great story to go along with it:

The crank in my 2000 TZ 250 failed during the Sunday morning warm up at Mid Ohio. Of course this happened on the far side of the track. Mid Ohio is bad about getting bikes back to the pits on Sunday morning, I found a gate so I could push my bike back. The gate was locked and the corner workers didn’t have the key. I asked some spectators for help. A bunch of guys jumped over and passed my bike to the people on the other side. They got my bike over the fence without a scratch faster than I climbed over. I yelled thank you over my shoulder as I started pushing.
At the top of the first hill I could see just how far I would have to push, most of it up hill. A guy and his wife were riding toward me on a Harley, I stopped them and got them to turn around and tow me back. I knew he would have no clutch control so I applied a death grip to his bike and off we went. Some sport bike riders saw what we were up to and jumped in front of us to clear traffic on the bridge. It truly was a “Mr. Toad’s Wilde Ride.”
Back at our pit I realized that I didn’t have enough time to replace the crank and make the race. Sean offered to lone me his ’96 TZ and after swapping some parts we were off to the races. The picture shows me, #6 on Sean’s bike after my practice lap, also know as the warm up lap and Sean, #62 on the grid for the start of the AMA 250 GP race. Sean has my black upper and lower and my front end is on Sean’s bike.
I don’t remember much of the race but I got some points and Sean didn’t damage my body work.
My list is now at 71 bikes raced. I kinda sorta think there’s another I’ve forgotten and of course your bike could be added to the list at any time.