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MRX with harness removed.

Stuff removed from the harness.

This project is starting to pick up speed:

Race bikes don’t need a bunch of stuff that street bikes come with like head lights, tail lights, turn singles, side stands, etc. They also don’t need turn single relays or any of the wire that goes with all that stuff. When you cut open the wire harness and remove the extra wire you get to call what’s left a “Kit Harness.” So far I’ve removed 4 ¾ lbs of street wiring stuff. I’m doing this work now because I like to get the street stuff out of my way for later work and because I’m waiting for a bunch of parts I ordered. If your wondering what I’ll do to turn the bike on and off without the ignition switch, I can’t tell you without killing you. If you are willing to take the risk, read on…

Low beam is off, Hi beam is on. Pretty neat, huh?

Stuff I’ll be doing to the bike soon:
Install Factory Pro jet kit, shift kit and ignition advancer.
Install M-4 slip-on Ti muffler.
Install Woodcraft rear sets.