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I’m sitting in my RV, parked in spot 29 of the rider/owner lot inside Daytona International Speedway watching “Field of Dreams” on TV. One of the all time great movies and a fitting end to this past weekend.
I’m here because I was working for the AMA as one of the Buell Pace Bike riders. By now you all know of the sad news…
I made sure to enjoy my last few Buell Pace Bike laps, I did some good wheelies in the infield and ran right up against the wall on the banking. The Buell race exhaust exits on the right side and it booms. When you’re why up high on the banking about a foot from the wall the sound from the exhaust bounces back at you and gets insides your head. It feels like you’re flying a WW II fighter. Thank you Erik and all of the good people at Buell.